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Welcome to the cartoon world of GRASS ROOTS!  First published in 1984, the series features ranch hands Billy and Shaq, who express through humor and wit the values and opinions of “grass roots” America.  I hope you’ll find your views represented here.  If some of these cartoons bring you a smile, I’ll be happy.  If a few of them cause you to nod in agreement I’ll be delighted and if one or two bring a hearty “amen” I’ll be overjoyed!
Watch for new cartoons weekly.
                                          Stan Lynde

2 Responses to Cartoons

  1. wagonwheels2 says:

    well i deleted my password for the cartoons ’cause i thought that the one for the word press site was the same. So i do need another one for the cartoons. i remember it was ——-?so far slowly but surely i am getting the hang of this blogging stuff but have a way to go.
    thanks again

  2. William (Bill) Crooks says:

    Stan: I have used references in a couple of speeches I gave at aToast Masters meeting. To two of your cartoons. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS & THE MOUNTAINS HAD A BETTER
    ARCHITECT. I initally wrote you how Happybirthday. made me think God’s Cathedrals
    Thanks Again

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